Security Certificates Part 1

Insight expert, David Lover brings a hot topic to the surface. In Part 1 of this two part blog, David starts the conversation about Security Certificates.

Weighing in on Avaya Aura Media Server 7.7

Instant Insights expert, David Lover discusses the adoption of Avaya Aura Media Server 7.7 for media resources and services.

How Do You Drive UC Adoption?

What can you do to start driving UC adoption? Start helping people get to know their UC tools by increasing user familiarity by providing engaging and consistent exposure to what matters to them!

UC Adoption—We Forgot About The End User

Don't forget about the end user when you're considering the benefits of your Unified Communications systems.

Reviewing the Microsoft Surface Hub

Patrick Payette reviews the collaborative power of the Microsoft Surface Hub.

2015 Holiday Geek Gift Giving Guide

David Lover runs through some of the best gifts to buy for the geek in your life, even if it's you!

I Have Seen the Future of Healthcare... and It Is Now

The landscape of preventative healthcare is completely changing with the help of real-time communications and a telehealth center.

A Quick and Dirty Toll-Free Primer

Often, it’s the most ordinary aspects of communications, like 800 numbers, that are the least understood.

The Moral Case for Unified Communications

Mobile SIP clients are not scalpels, and WebRTC applications are not fire hoses, but they can still play a part in saving lives and protecting property.

Meaningful Exposure Drives UC Adoption

Increasing user familiarity by providing engaging and consistent exposure to relevant communication tools seems to be the right formula for driving UC adoption.

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