2015 Holiday Geek Gift Giving Guide

David Lover runs through some of the best gifts to buy for the geek in your life, even if it's you!

Toll-Free Text: Let Your Thumbs Do the Talking

Technology is a lot like the music business. You can be on top of the charts one day and completely irrelevant the next. The public is very fickle and you either change with the times or risk falling into the dustbins of yesterday’s news.

I Have Seen the Future of Healthcare... and It Is Now

The landscape of preventative healthcare is completely changing with the help of real-time communications and a telehealth center.

A Quick and Dirty Toll-Free Primer

Often, it’s the most ordinary aspects of communications, like 800 numbers, that are the least understood.

The Moral Case for Unified Communications

Mobile SIP clients are not scalpels, and WebRTC applications are not fire hoses, but they can still play a part in saving lives and protecting property.

Meaningful Exposure Drives UC Adoption

Increasing user familiarity by providing engaging and consistent exposure to relevant communication tools seems to be the right formula for driving UC adoption.

A Step-by-Step Roadmap to Successful SIP Transformation

The last thing anyone wants is to go from a system of old, yet working technology to a mess of uncooperative IP servers and soft clients.

How CEBP Goes Mainstream

When it comes to unified communications, it's not always easy to tell reality from hype. For instance, for many years I have been reading how the use of video conferencing is growing by leaps and bounds. Anyone who reads often touted market research numbers would think that it would be hard to walk into a typical office and not see video conferences taking place at nearly every desk and in most conference rooms. After all, cameras are built into every modern PC and smartphone, and video software has been embedded into products from large UC companies such as Cisco, Microsoft, and Avaya.

The VPN Is Dead, Long Live the SBC

Securing applications makes more sense than trying to secure an entire device.

Disruptive Innovations in Unified Communications

Just as smart phones drove up the size of email storage limits, innovations such as WebRTC will force similar disruptive changes in communications.

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