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Brian Ziegle

Keeping Up With Firmware and Software Updates

The nature of today’s technology results in a number of firmware and software updates issued by the manufacturer intended to resolve issues.

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Mark Wechsler

Change The Discussion

Why would hospital administrators, nurses, or clinicians want to talk to us about healthcare? Our business is telecommunications.

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David Lover

VOIP Codecs

We’ve talked a lot about SIP and H.323 and the differences between the two including how these two protocols signal for something.

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Andrew Prokop

The Power of SIP

Over the next several weeks and months I intend to explore the many different facets of SIP while presenting real-life scenarios of where SIP is changing the way we do business.

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Patrick Payette

Is Unified Messaging for You?

I like to think of voice mail as nothing but a failed attempt at communication.

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Chad Frazier

Science Fiction Is Becoming Reality

I have spent more years in the communications industry than I would care to admit and have observed many changes that even George Orwell could not have fathomed.

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Dan DeBacker

Dumb Plumbing Doesn’t Cut it

For many years the role of Ethernet connectivity has continued to be commoditized. They’re just ports to plug into or a way to attach wirelessly for access to the network.

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Ronnie Holland

Managed Services Market Outlook

The past year has been very interesting with the emergence of Managed Services gaining more market and mindshare.

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Leila Abbey

How May I Help You?

Back in the late ’80’s, early ‘90’s, Speech Recognition made its debut.

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