question #1

What is your cancellation policy for classroom courses?


Students may cancel their enrollment in a training session or class with at least 14 calendar days notice before the first day of the session, with no cost incurred by a student/business organization. With less than 14 days notice, the student/business organization will be liable for the full tuition/cost of training. An exception to this policy is when a class is canceled or a student is unable to attend due to an act of nature that would prevent the student from attending the session. A substitute may attend a session in place of the original enrollee; however the substitute attendee must have the pre-requisite requirements met prior to attending class. Substitute attendees may be refused if prerequisites are not met.

Arrow SI Learning reserves the right to cancel a course and will provide a minimum of 14-days notice.

Arrow SI Learning encourages the purchase of refundable airline tickets and is not liable for any expense incurred by the student/business organization due the cancellation of a course due to low student enrollment.

question #2

I submitted my online classroom reservation request, now what?


A representative from Arrow SI Learning will contact you shortly to finalize and confirm your reservation.

question #3

Does Arrow SI Learning offer any discounts for Arrow SI Online Learning?


Arrow SI Learning offers a discount structure for companies/customers who purchase multiple Arrow SI Online Learning user subscriptions. Arrow SI Learning offers single user subscriptions and subscription for groups of 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 people. Contact Arrow SI Learning or your Arrow Systems Integration Account Executive for pricing details.

question #4

How does seating work in Arrow SI Learning classrooms?


Arrow SI Learning training rooms each consist of 6 lab tables each tied to their own switch. Once there are 6 separate students that each purchase a seat/table for a particular class, that class is then considered full and no more enrollments are taken. If a student decides to cancel their enrollment, in the proper time frame, then that seat/table is then re‐opened up for sale.

Once a student purchases a seat or table, that table is theirs and they do not share it with anyone from another company. Students do have the option to purchase and share a table with a co‐worker and receive the “shared table” discount. This allows Arrow SI Learning to teach more than 6 students per class. There can be up to 3 people at a table per customer/company. Customers do have the option of purchasing multiple tables per class if there are available open tables.

question #5

Does Arrow SI Learning offer any discounts on classroom training?


Arrow SI Learning offers a “shared‐table” discount where students, from the same company, share a training table and the second (and up to a third) student receives a %40 discount off their training price. First student at the table always pays full price. By sharing a table, students will share the same lab equipment at the training table.

The advantage of sharing a table is the financial savings gained in relation to the student’s training budget. Instead of sharing, the advantage of purchasing a table for each person that attends the same training class date is that the student gets the full hands on experience to themselves for the entire class.

question #6

Do you have travel and hotel information for your training centers?


You are free to stay where it is most convenient, but Arrow SI Learning does provide recommended lodging information to make your experience as simple as possible. View the flights and hotels information for each Arrow SI Learning location.

question #7

Does Arrow SI Learning have wifi available?


Yes, Arrow SI Learning does provide free wifi for students so that you may bring your laptop and VPN into your company network.

question #8

How do I reserve a seat or table in a class?


Arrow SI Learning operates on a “first come, first served” policy. The first customers/students to purchase a seat or table in a class get first pick. Seats and tables can’t be reserved until you finalize the purchase of your class. You can reserve a seat or table by submitting a reservation request online or by contacting Arrow SI Learning through phone or email.

You can also call your dedicated Arrow Systems Integration Account Executive to purchase a seat or table in a class. Once your payment is finalized, an enrollment email is sent out with all the class details such as times, location, hotel info and where you should fly into.

question #9

Does Arrow SI Learning provide lunches and beverages during classroom training?


Yes, Arrow SI Learning does provide lunches for students in class. We have catered-in hot lunches each day of class. The last day of all Arrow SI Learning classes end at noon so no lunch is provided on that day. Arrow SI Learning also provides coffee and water. There is a lunchroom that has vending machines with assorted drinks and snacks for purchase.