Patient Connect for your Environment

by Mark Wechsler | Arrow Systems Integration

Patient Connect is a member of Arrow SI′s Connect Advanced Communication Services, a family of self-service solutions designed expressly for healthcare providers and payers to improve staff productivity, accelerate care delivery and increase patient/member satisfaction.

For Nursing and Staff

Patient Connect provides nursing staff with the ability to create a secure message for the purpose of updating concerned individuals outside the hospital of the patient’s status.

  • Eliminates the majority of ad hoc, incoming calls from individuals inquiring about the patient
  • Minimizes the time and number of  return phone calls necessary to provide the same information to the patient’s family and friends
  • Reduces distraction caused by redundant calls with patient family and friends freeing staff to focus on the patient’s care

For Patient, Family and Friends

For patient family and friends Patient Connect provides a convenient, secure method for those concerned with the hospitalized person’s health to obtain easily obtain timely updates.

  • Provides obtain secure, timely information regarding the patient
  • Eliminates annoying telephone tag with nursing staff
  • Simplifies updates and communication between extended family and friends
  • Consistent information received by all minimizes confusion and improves confidence in the care delivery process

How it Works

Using Patient Connect is intuitive. It is truly as simple as making a phone call.

  • The patient is assigned a unique Recording Information Number (RIN) and Personal Identification Number (PIN) to ensure private message retrieval
  • The RIN/PIN is given to the patient’s authorized contact who may distribute the RIN/PIN to others at his/her discretion
  • On a regular basis (e.g., shift change), nursing may use any telephone and simply record a secure update on the patient’s care
  • Patient family and friends in possession of the RIN/PIN call a designated telephone number, provide the RIN and PIN, and listen to the most current update

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