For Better and For Worse

by Mark Wechsler | Arrow Systems Integration

It has been almost 3 years since we introduced our suite of notification solutions for healthcare providers. At the time, I didn’t think of it as leading edge. In retrospect it was. The solution set delivered a suite of automated notification and messaging services capable of meeting the needs of many healthcare providers regardless of their size, local, and requirements. Notifications could be triggered manually or from external events such as application systems and alarms. Because of its scalability and flexibility, the solution set incorporated features capable of serving in-building and geographically dispersed communities. Since its inception, we have expanded capabilities to include:

  • WAN, LAN, pager, and carrier based notification and messaging services supporting iOS, Android, and web services which can be deployed on premise or hosted.
  • Workflow enabled messaging assuring action driven responses to event driven triggers
  • Device and media independent messaging enabling a variety of audio (e.g., telephone) and data (e.g., SMS, paging, email) formats

I bring this up now because of the Boston tragedy. Less than 24 hours after the bombings, trade rags were touting the effectiveness with which the responding hospitals dealt with the event. In every case the hospitals invoked their Emergency Management plans (a regulatory requirement) and efficiently notified in-house staff, recalled off-duty personnel, managed the public dissemination of information, and communicated with public safety officials. The details of how they accomplished this are not well known yet, but I suspect it will soon become subject matter for industry articles and vendor marketing brochures.

In the coming days, you can be certain that some of these application suppliers will begin marketing campaigns on the heels of the tragedy. You will likely encounter advertising thinly guised as “informative” webinars and some Boston area hospital names will become more prominent in sme vendor slide ware. We will do none of this.

What we will and must do is make certain that you, the healthcare community, are fully aware of the depth and breadth of the advanced communication services we deliver to rural and metropolitan provider. The Notification Solution Suite is an example of the value we offer to hospitals by helping them augment their core communication capabilities with the services necessary to make certain the right people get the right information at the right time – no matter what the situation.

Unfortunately, terrible events sometimes remind us to plan ahead so that disasters will not be repeated. Arrow SI′s Healthcare Notification Solution Suite will continue to be expanded as we improve upon ways we can help our healthcare professionals and care givers effectively communicate life’s planned and extraordinary events – for better and for worse.

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