Do You Know the Way to Orlando?

by Andrew Prokop | Arrow Systems Integration

Okay, so it’s not as rhythmic as the Burt Bacharach and Hal David classic song, but in just a couple of days Orlando really is the place to be. Why? Because from Monday to Friday Orlando is hosting the International Avaya User’s Group (IAUG) Converge2013 conference. Avaya users, partners, developers, and folks from Avaya itself will gather for four days of education, product announcements, networking, fun.

We here at Arrow SI take Converge2013 seriously. Not only do we throw the best customer appreciation party in town, but we are presenting 18 educational session. The ever popular Dave Lover will be wowing people with his “Putting SIP to Work,” Mark Wechsler will demonstrate his deep knowledge of the healthcare industry with “Healthcare Telecommunication’s Challenge of Being Relevant,” Deana Washburn, Coleen Frink, and Charlie Trautwein will be hosting three different contact center sessions, and yours truly, Andrew Prokop, will present sessions on SIP security, session border controllers, and take you on a deep dive into SIP. If you’ve been to IAUG gatherings in the past you know that Arrow SI is serious about education. These are not commercials for our company, but rather they are in-depth looks into the communications technology that you need to understand.

Do a Little Dance

And speaking of that party, if you’ve been to previous IAUG conferences you know that we really know how to let our hair down and have a good time. We bring in top talent to outstanding venues. Who can forget when we brought the Myth Busters to Denver? Or how about last year when we hosted Five for Fighting in Boston? This year will be no different when we bring Mat Kearney and Casey Abrams to the famous House of Blues. This truly will be the customer appreciation event of the week and you don’t want to miss it.

It’s All About Me

Speaking personally, I’ve been to a lot of IAUG conference over the years and each one has been memorable. I work really hard, I play just as hard, and I forget about sleep for a few days. I love playing the role of professor and making difficult subjects easy to understand. Having someone come up to me after a session to tell me that he or she “finally gets it” make the months of preparation worthwhile. That’s what it’s all about.

Really, It’s All About Arrow SI

Anyway, enough about me. If you are coming to IAUG make sure you attend as many of the Arrow SI sessions as possible. Also, stop by our booth to get to know us and what we can for you and your company. It will be well worth your time. That’s my promise.

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