Healthcare’s Mobile Revolution

by Mark Wechsler | Arrow Systems Integration

Healthcare’s mobile revolution is well underway. Within the healthcare industry, the ability to easily acquire, transport, and deliver digital information is impacting patient care. Real time video, telemetry, and data give physicians the ability to respond to patient needs in minutes rather than in hours or days.

The benefits of mobile healthcare are clear. Providers are using mobile services to market and to deliver services. They are reaching larger patient populations and increasing revenue streams. Healthcare consumers benefit from better care. The convenience of virtual doctor visits eliminates travel time and expense for everyone. Physician efficiency increases with access to real time information. Proactive diagnosis and preventative measures are more effective.

At Arrow SI, we are encountering a steadily increasing number of opportunities within the mobile revolution. At the “low end” we are helping healthcare professionals control their personal availability and to easily engage in peer to peer collaboration using basic telecommunication functions such as

  • Find-me/follow-me services,
  • Mobile directory,
  • Conferencing, and
  • Bridging.

Multi-media collaboration services from companies such as Avaya and are also gaining in popularity because of their ability to share files and great video quality. The introduction of intuitive user interfaces that are truly platform (e.g., iOS, Android, Windows) independent is also accelerating adoption.

The mobile healthcare revolution is not confined to basic telecommunication services. It often requires the use of middleware to serve as the glue between hospital information systems, the communication infrastructure, patient monitoring devices, and user voice/data endpoints. For example:

  • Avaya’s Mobile Activity Assistant (MAA) is designed exclusively for use with the Apple iOS. It provides a useful platform for constructing custom clinical messaging services.
  • Extension’s Health Alerts series of messaging services handles various workflows including stat CPOE, lab results, and nurse call Extension offers integration points for the major EMRs and a large set of endpoints (e.g., OS, Android, Cisco, Spectralink, Ascom) resulting in highly flexible mobile solutions delivering the right information to the right person at the right time.

In healthcare, the momentum behind the mobile revolution is increasing. Almost every hospital, clinic, physician office, and insurance company is interested because of their need to improve customer service, improve efficiencies and increase revenue streams. For our part, Arrow SI will continue researching and adopting leading edge solutions so that healthcare companies can rely on our expertise to obtain mobile solutions that meet their needs.

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