Part 2: Andrew Prokop Demos Advanced Avaya Breeze Techniques

by Andrew Prokop | Arrow Systems Integration

Welcome to the second in my series of videos addressing some of the more advanced Avaya Breeze techniques. In Part One, I showed you how to catch and process errors inside a Breeze Snap-in.

Here in Part Two, I discuss Breeze Connectors and how they are used to extend the communications capabilities of Avaya Aura. Specifically, I present the WebText SMS Text Connector.

In case you missed it, watch Part One of this Advanced series here.

After watching this Advanced Avaya Breeze demo or any of my other introductory Avaya Breeze demos, you might have come up with a few questions of your own or want to see it in action. Luckily for you, I'm presenting October's Instant Insight webinar topic! On October 20th at 10am CDT, I'll be giving a live demo of what I've been learning about Avaya Breeze and its capabilities. This webinar is right for you if you're curious about Avaya Breeze and are thinking about implementing it, you already have it and want some tips, or if you really just love attending my webinars! This is a great opportunity for you to see this amazing tool's capabilities and ask some of your questions live. Register to attend this webinar today!

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Since being introduced to Avaya Breeze, I've spent a lot of time exploring both the beginner and more advanced capabilities at the users' disposal. While creating video demos, I've covered some of the more basic posibilities of Avaya Breeze, the Engagement Designer, and the Admin Console that are used to create, deploy, and run a Snap-in with Breeze. I had a great reception to my introductory videos, which led me to creating this more advanced series. If you think these advanced topics might be a little too deep of a dive for you, or you're interested in getting back to the basics of this tool, I highly suggest you explore some of my Introduction to Avaya Breeze videos or attend the live demo at my October 20th Instant Insight webinar. Below, I've included links to my six introductory Avaya Breeze videos.

Part 1 - Avaya Breeze Step-by-Step

Part 2 - Step-by-Step Continued

Part 3 - Detection and Decision Logic

Part 4 - Intercepting Calls

Part 5 - Adding Web Services to an Avaya Snap-In

Part 6 - Launching Breeze Snap-Ins from Cloud Services

Stay tuned for the third installment of this Advanced Avaya Breeze series and see you on October 20th for my Avaya Breeze webinar!

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