Part 4: Andrew Prokop Demos Advanced Avaya Breeze Techniques

by Andrew Prokop | Arrow Systems Integration

As promised, I'm back for another demonstration of advanced Avaya Breeze techniques.

In Part One, I showed you how to catch and process errors inside a Breeze Snap-in.

In Part Two, I addressed Breeze Connectors and how they are used to extend the communications capabilities of Avaya Aura.

In Part Three, I added multimodal communications and parallel gateways to a Breeze Snap-In.

Today, in Part Four, I'm taking additions to the Breeze Snap-Ins one step further by demonstrating the addition of how JavaScript functions are added to Breeze Snap-Ins. This video will show you how adding JavaScript functions to Breeze Snap-Ins makes more powerful decision logic and data manipulation.


We're less than 10 days away from demoing some of these Avaya Breeze techniques live for anyone who is attending Arrow SI's October webinar presentation with yours truly. If you haven't gathered, I'm presenting October 20th's webinar, focusing on what I've learned about Avaya Breeze and what it is capable of. I'm calling the webinar, "Avaya Breeze: Up Close and Personal" because I'll be taking a live deep dive into Avaya's new online collaboration and development tool. I will be your guide through this new Avaya technology, highlighting what i've learned so far, showing you some practical uses for Breeze and answering questions for you - all live. I'm bringing this free demo right to you. Join me on October 20th at 10am CDT. Don't forget to invite all your other curious friends at work!

Demo Avaya Breeze with me on October 20th, 10am CDT

Hopefully, you've had a chance to look at the Advanced videos I've been putting together over the last few weeks or even some of the introductory videos I put together, detailing some of Avaya Breeze's beginner capabilities (scroll to the bottom to see all six parts!)

If any of these Advanced or Introductory videos peaked your interest, brought up a few questions or if the demos inspired a few questions on how you can utilize Avaya Breeze in your company, this is the right webinar for you. Get information about Avaya Breeze, learn about implementing it, and get some tips on different ways to use it in your enterprise.

The following are the links to my six introductory Avaya Breeze videos that I created while I was exploring the ins and outs of this great solutions.

Part 1 - Avaya Breeze Step-by-Step

Part 2 - Step-by-Step Continued

Part 3 - Detection and Decision Logic

Part 4 - Intercepting Calls

Part 5 - Adding Web Services to an Avaya Snap-In

Part 6 - Launching Breeze Snap-Ins from Cloud Services

Stay tuned for my final Advance Avaya Breeze demo of this advanced series and see you on October 20th for my Avaya Breeze webinar!

My Avaya Breeze Webinar is on October 20th! ›

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