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by Andrew Prokop | Arrow Systems Integration

Every month my company, Arrow SI, hosts a webinar series that features a variety of topics and presenters. The series is called Instant Insight, which at its core is a webinar hosted by one of Arrow SI’s experts on topics that we know are important to our customers and others in the technology industry. Maybe you even caught my webinar presentation on WebRTC for Beginners? Well, this month I’m back again bringing a whole new topic to the table—Avaya Breeze. On October 20th at 10am CDT I’ll be giving a live demo on Arrow SI’s Instant Insight webinar. I highly encourage you to join me on this webinar

I’m calling this webinar, “Avaya Breeze: Up Close and Personal” because it’s exactly what we’re going to do on the webinar—dive into the nuances of Avaya’s new online collaboration and development tool. When first introduced to Avaya Breeze, I started exploring its capabilities, limitations and potential possibilities. This webinar was actually slightly inspired by some of my initial findings that I had as a new user of Avaya Breeze. A few months ago, I even started putting together some “introductory” videos highlighting some cool use cases I was finding for Avaya Breeze. Feel free to check out any or all of those introduction to Avaya Breeze videos here. They’re a great preview to some of the topics I’ll likely bring up in the live webinar. 

I’m really excited to kick this webinar off next week, as it’s definitely going to be a different webinar experience than a lot of people are used to. Sure, I’m going to come with some topics and features that I think would be relevant to demonstrate for attendees, but the course of session will really change based on who joins us. It’s an introductory webinar to the Breeze tool, but it’s really for anyone who is curious about Avaya Breeze. Maybe you’ve heard about Breeze and are looking for some more details or examples. Maybe you already have it and aren’t really sure if you’re well versed on its full capabilities. Maybe you’ve just been interested in some other presentations or webinars I’ve done in the past. You’re all welcome! I actually have done a very similar presentation for some clients and partners as I’ve been learning more and more about Avaya Breeze, so this is a great opportunity for you to see what this tool can do and ask some of your most burning questions. I hope you can join me and some other Avaya enthusiasts on October 20th at 10am CDT. Register today—don’t forget your questions!

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