November's Instant Insight Webinar:

Deploying Cloud PBX Using the Skype Operations Framework

Be thankful for November's Instant Insight webinar! We've got a new buzzing topic, a new presentation duo and a new date! With the holiday around the corner, we're moving our webinar earlier in the month to November 10th at 10am CST. Arrow SI Microsoft Directors, Patrick Payette and Jonathan Sides are joining Instant Insight this month to walk us through the new Skype Operations framework and Arrow SI's approach to implementing Skype for Business Cloud PBX.

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A few more details about November's webinar:

Recently, Microsoft has announced a new framework for the planning, deployment, and operation of Skype for Business. The new Skype Operations Framework, for which Arrow SI is a certified provider, allows for better planning and implementation of Skype for Business Cloud PBX. In this session we will be focusing on the benefits of Cloud PBX, and the surrounding applications of Office 365, as well as the Arrow SI approach to such an implementation. We will include Skype for Business, Exchange, Azure Active Directory, and other Office 365 applications in this discussion.

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Deploying Skype for Business with the Skype Operations Framework
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Data Sheet
Microsoft Cloud PBX Services from Arrow SI
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