The SAM car is a perfect example of innovation at work.

Did you see the SAM car at IAUG CONVERGE2015?

A little backstory, on January 6, 2000 race car driver, Sam Schmidt crashed during a practice lap at the Walt Disney World Speedway in Orlando, severely injuring his spinal cord, leaving him a quadriplegic. Even after the accident, Sam was still a race car driver at heart, but just no longer had a car to drive.

In June 2013, engineers and medical researchers joined forces to work toward a common vision—modifying a car to be safely driven by a quadriplegic race driver at high speeds using head movements . This is a Semi-Autonomous Motorcar. We call it SAM. “This is a team effort to give freedom to those that don’t have the mobility the rest of us enjoy. I hope this project entices other innovators to innovate new and interesting ways to a better society.” – Joshua Parrish, Arrow

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What do a race car, Systems Integration and IAUG have in common?

Why did we bring the SAM car to IAUG? Simple! The SAM car is a great example of innovation at work. This is something we at Arrow Systems Integration put into practice each and every day. One of the coolest features of the SAM car is that all the technology used within the car is all off-the-shelf products made to work in new and innovative ways. This focus on innovation is at the core of the Arrow SI business.

We might not be helping our customers drive a race car everyday, but we are helping them innovate their own technology.

Our large network of industry experts works each and every day to take your existing systems and take them to the next level. Have Avaya, Microsoft and Cisco systems that don’t plug and play together? Need help supporting your current communication system? Don’t even know where to start to get your system out of the Stone Age? Our team of experts can access your unique situation and work with you to create the best plan for efficiency and innovation.

Assemble your pit crew:

Prism Services are the support and guidance you need to get the most impact out of your technology and best utilize your team. Through this framework of services and delivery capabilities, we enable our customers to invest in innovation and future success.

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Take a look under the hood:

Unified Communications (UC) is no longer the future of technology, but rather the current life force behind it. With the help of systems integration and supporting solutions, UC is an essential part of everyday business. Communication and collaboration tools bring people and technologies together and connect them all around the world. With Arrow Systems Integration’s experience in UC integration, you can start aligning your business goals and needs with your technologies and create a seamless, fully integrated communications solution.

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Add some custom parts:

Our experience in the industry has helped us pinpoint solutions assistance that our customers are seeking. This has led us to develop our own, unique brand of products to meet those demands. Prism Products utilize the experience of the top industry experts and developers at Arrow SI and aim to fill the technology gaps that exist throughout your communication solutions.

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