Instant Insight Webinar Presents: David Lover's Holiday Geek Giving Guide

December's Webinar: Geek Gift Giving Guide with David Lover

In 2015, David brought you his holiday gift guide via our blog, but this year he’s taking his gift guide live! He and Arrow SI fellow technology geek Kristen Walker, have spent 2016 trying out the newest and most popular techie gadgets to buy for the geeks in their lives (even if it’s themselves!) This webinar is going to be a great way to kick of the holiday season and give you some interesting ideas about techie gifts to get for the geeks in your life or try out yourself!

This month's webinar is a little different than some of our others in that our experts won't be be going over technology or services that will help save your company time, money or resources. Nope—they're going to share some gadgets that they or other geeks like them are actually using. They're not paid sponsors or advertisements, just two geeks hoping to advocate for some of the best products they've used in 2016.

Join us on December 1st at 10am CST for geeky guide through awesome gadgets!

Watch the Recorded Webinar!