Instant Insight Webinar Presents:
Technology and Trends in the
Healthcare Industry:
A Three-Part Miniseries

David Lover and Mark Wechsler Talk Healthcare

Healthcare organizations are under enormous pressure to transform all aspects of delivery, customer service and costs. Communication related hurdles are common to many of the more recognizable initiatives such as proactive wellness management, pharmaceutical development, infectious disease control, and medical education. Recent innovations in communication technology could possibly be an important component in overcoming this impediment. 

Communication technology has been redefined. It is well beyond the traditional PBX and call center. It now includes recent developments in areas such as IoT, dynamic communication workflows, customer/patient engagement models.  With these new technologies advances in process automation, information sharing, access, and collaboration are enabling meaningful interaction improvements for providers and consumers/patients across the healthcare continuum.

Join David Lover and Mark Wechsler for the second installment of this webinar series on April 20th at 10am CDT, diving into team engagement in healthcare.

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Webinar Series Details:

Part 2: A Closer Look at Healthcare Team Engagement

Telecommunications has evolved from simple telephony to Unified Communications to Collaboration to Engagement. During this session, we will examine the technology enabling today’s connected healthcare services and their capability to facilitate structured communication between machines, processes, and people.

When: April 20th, 10am CDT

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Part 1: Trends and Issues Impacted by Communication Innovations

We will look at today’s major healthcare industry trends, communication technology innovation’s influence on them, and the business catalysts that are likely to drive adoption.

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