Instant Insight Webinar Presents: Security Certificates

September's Webinar: Understanding TLS Security Certificates

Historically, Avaya has let their customers remain oblivious to the concept of TLS Security Certificates (commonly known as X509 Certs). That’s changing very quickly. To enhance security, Avaya no longer includes their “Demo” cert in the newer Avaya Aura application servers and endpoints. That means YOU are now responsible for choosing, obtaining, installing, and renewing expiring certs. Are you prepared for this? Do you know the difference between an Enterprise Certificate Authority and a Commercial Certificate Authority? How about a PEM formatted Certificate versus a PKCS #12? When do you need a CSR? These are all really important aspects of making sure that your Avaya Aura system communicates correctly. We’ll give you everything you need to know to get started with Security Certificates. We’ll cover the basic concepts, talking about the pros and cons to the various options you have, including how to deploy these certs to your end-users. Understanding X509 Security Certificates are critical to today’s communication solutions. If you’re not comfortable with security certs, you can’t afford to miss this session.

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