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Data Center Summer Series

Data Center Summer Series from Instant Insight

We brought you something extra special for the summer months. This three month Data Center Instant Insight webinar series. David Lover and Chad Frazier hosted this series.


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Part 3: Putting on the Wrapper with Security -- Aired on August 18th
Security is a pervasive topic and it is important to understand the types and levels of security available today. This session wraps up the series.

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Part 1: The Evolution of Computing -- Aired on June 23rd

Kicking off the series, we focus on the evolution of computing to the Third Platform. We will discuss the importance of virtualization as a driver and the changes it has imposed on the computing platform.

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Part 2: Extending the Reach -- Aired on July 21st

This session delves into the key role networking plays in enabling the Third Platform.

Read the full webinar descriptions for each webinar below and get some background information about the upcoming series.

About the Data Center Summer Series

Back in the 1950’s the First Platform of computing was established with the introduction of mainframe computers. Mainframes were very large, very expensive and largely limited to use by large organizations who had the funding to afford them so the general public had very little access. The boom of the PC in the 1980’s helped set the stage for a transition to the Second Platform of computing. The Second Platform is a Client/Server model where PCs tap into mainframe databases and applications. This was a fundamental change in many people’s lives as they now had the power of computing on their own desktop or at home, breaking the closely held model of the First Platform. The Second Platform proliferated all over the globe until changes in technology brought about another paradigm shift. The Third Platform of computing arrived in the early 2010’s. It was driven by four distinct technology advances: social technology (including VoIP), Mobile Devices, Analytics/Big Data and Cloud Services. The Third Platform has effectively spanned cultural and generational gaps by revolutionizing the way we communicate and interact with information.

Some argue that IoT is a proper inclusion in the Third Platform but that view is far from universal. In any event IoT is a reality today and it only exists as a result of the Third Platform. While all of the components of the Third Platform are important, the usefulness of mobile devices and big data would be greatly compromised without the cloud to provide access whenever and wherever the user desires. In addition to providing connectivity the cloud offers vast storage and computing resources that serve as a repository for the vast amounts of information generated by the mobile devices (including IoT) and users interacting with applications hosted in the cloud. This is the domain of the Data Center.

Data centers can be private or public but have basically the same function: to provide a secure and resilient environment to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. The data center generally has redundant power, data communications connections, environmental controls and security devices. In a series of three webinars we will feature some of the key components of the Third Platform that are routinely deployed in the data center.

This session delves into the key role networking plays in enabling the Third Platform.

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Data Center Summer Series - July

Part 2: Extending the Reach

In the second installation of our Data Center Summer Series for Instant Insight, David Lover and Chad Frazier retured to focus on the important role that Networking plays in the enabling of the Third Platform. July's Data Center Summer Series webinar took place on July 21st.

This session delves into the key role networking plays in enabling the Third Platform. Networking has undergone a similar transformation to computing in order to support the massive amounts of data being moved from one place to another. Higher line rates and faster interfaces are only one part of the story. Improved performance resulting from advances in computer networking technologies such as the IEEE 802.1aq standard for Shortest Path bridging and the impact of Network Function Virtualization will be key topics covered.


  • Thursday, July 21st at 10am CDT
  • Networking Evolution
  • Higher line rates, faster interfaces and improved performance

Data Center Summer Series - August

Part 3: Putting on the Wrapper with Security

In the third and final installment of the Data Center Summer Series, David Lover and Chad Frazier wrapped up with an important discussion on Security. The more connected we become, the more we become vulnerable, making this Security discussion an essential topic in today's connected world. We concluded the series on August 18, 2016.

This session wraps it all up. The downside of a connected world is the pure number of vulnerable points which can be exploited. For every mobile or IoT device added to the network there is another potential exploitation point. Security is a pervasive topic and it is important to understand the types and levels of security available today.


  • Thursday, August 18th at 10am CDT
  • Security
  • Understand what Security levels and types are available to protect your connected devices

Data Center Summer Series - June

The Evolution of Computing

The first of Instant Insight's Data Center Summer Series kicked off on June 23rd and was hosted by David Lover and Chad Frazier.

This session focuses on Servers, Virtualization and Integrated Infrastructure and the evolution of computing to the Third Platform. This is the first of three Summer Series webinars that will feature the key components of the Third Platform that are routinely deployed in the Data Center. This session focuses on the evolution of computing to the Third Platform. We will discuss the importance of virtualization as a driver and the changes it has imposed on the computing platform as we have evolved from the single purpose server all the way to the hyper-converged platform. 

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  • David Lover and Chad Frazier's Summer Series Webinar
  • Servers, Virtualization, Integrated Infrastructure
  • From Single Purpose to Hyper-Converged

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WebRTC for Beginners with Andrew Prokop

In May, Andrew Prokop covered one of his most popular topics for us, WebRTC. What is WebRTC? What it is used for? What's the best approach for rolling out WebRTC in your enterprise?

This webinar took place live on May 19,2016. Read the full webinar description below.

WebRTC for Beginners

You have undoubtedly heard about WebRTC and understand that it has to do with real-time communications to and from a web browser, but do you really understand what it entails and how it will revolutionize our industry? This session will help demystify WebRTC in terms of what it is, what it requires, how it works, and who will use it. The building blocks of WebRTC will be discussed in a way that both programmers and non-programmers will learn something useful. Additionally, you will learn how Avaya is addressing WebRTC and how you can implement this new technology in your enterprise.

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May 2016 Instant Insight Webinar

  • Review the Building Blocks of WebRTC
  • For Programmers and Non-Programmers
  • How and Why You Should Implement WebRTC

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Getting the Most Out of Your UC/CC Systems with Jonathan Reddish and Jim Cook

In April, Jonathan Reddish and Jim Cook discussed what it takes to keep your UC and CC systems healthy and running at peak capacity.

This webinar took place live on April 21,2016. Read the full webinar description below.

Spring Cleaning: Getting the Most Out of Your UC/CC Systems

Enterprise telecommunications take constant support and vigilance to keep your company connected. When do you or your staff have the opportunity (or TIME!) to assess the entire environment for potential issues or discuss process improvement? Once a year? If you're lucky!

For most enterprises, there is never really a "good time" to stop everything and review their infrastructure if they want to continue to maintain their day-to-day operations. This webinar will discuss some of the common problems associated with that reality, and offer some tips on how to start cleaning up in time for the start of spring. Our experts will help you start thinking about how to holistically analyze your telecommunications systems and establish a set of recommendations, process improvements, and help create a big picture view to start your own planning.

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April 2016 Instant Insight Webinar

  • Prism HealthCheck
  • Holistic Analysis of Telecommunications Systems
  • UC and CC System Assessment

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Innovating with Unified Communications with David Lover

In March, David Lover, talked about one of his favorite topics, Unified Communications. Being a  respected expert in this field, he had quite a bit to share on how he's seen Unified Communications effectively used to support innovation in a business.

This webinar took place live on March 17,2016. Read the full webinar description below.

Innovating with Unified Communications

As a telecommunications leader, where are you spending your time? Ask yourself these questions—Are you: Keeping systems running? Focusing on growth? Working on true business impact and innovation? Supporting the strategic needs of your business with your telecom strategy?

We’ll take a look at current IT and business trends and show you how you can creatively combine commodity concepts like voice, video, instant messaging, and presence to create new value for your company. Avaya and Microsoft can both be more than just your “PBX.” We’ll show you how in this month’s webinar. If you’re still wondering what UC is really all about, you definitely want to attend this event!

Watch the Recorded Webinar ›

March 2016 Instant Insight Webinar

  • Unified Communications
  • Business Innovation
  • Avaya's Breeze Platform (Formerly EDP)

Replay February's Webinar

Aura 7.0—What’s New? with David Lover

Our very own expert, David Lover, shared his expert insight on Avaya Aura's newest 7.0 release. In this webinar, David shared the experiences he's had with Avaya Aura Core 7.0highlighting new features, enhancements, and how he's seen this newest release be able to help people reduce costs and enhance their environments.

This webinar took place live on February 11,2016. Read the full webinar description below.

Aura 7.0—What’s New?

Avaya Aura 7.0 became available in August 2015 and we’re still getting to know the enhancements to the platform. From what David Lover has seen, those enhancements are beneficial to both the users and the administrators. In this presentation, David will provide his insight on the platform—covering what he sees as the biggest and most useful enhancements and how you can apply them in your environment to cut costs and increase support.

Watch the Recorded Webinar ›

February 2016 Instant Insight Webinar

  • Avaya Aura Core 7.0 release
  • Reduce costs with new enhancements
  • David Lover highlights best features

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