Arrow Systems Integration NOC Services Placement

The Arrow Systems Integration NOC provides the customer with a broad array of customizable services to choose from to meet their specific needs. Combining geo-redundant 24x7x365 NOC locations with state-of-the-art toolsets and knowledgeable engineers provides customers with an alternative to making huge capital expenses for hardware and software and eliminates the need to spend time and effort to recruit and maintain an expensive technical staff. Years of experience in the carrier and enterprise space have resulted in tried and true systems, policies and procedures that allow Arrow Systems Integration to deliver top notch support of critical customer voice and data networks on a set it and forget it basis.

The Arrow Systems Integration NOC’s approach to service delivery focuses on developing the toolsets to encompass the basic blocking and tackling learned over years by its staff on a number of product sets. This allows the Arrow Systems Integration NOC to employ tactics that are proactive in nature, rather than reactive. The Arrow Systems Integration NOC tools are set up specific to the customer network definition and refined over time to ‘learn’ the particular characteristics that make the network unique. This allows the Arrow Systems Integration NOC to proactively flag network events that are a prelude to some service impacting event so as to avoid the service impact all together. The tight coupling between the NOC, the tools and other teams that are a part of the Support Services Organization allow Arrow Systems Integration to craft a unique offering that runs contrary to the traditional model where a technician is dispatched to a site once a fault has occurred.

Ultimately this paradigm shift will result in many more automated actions which will free up valuable technical resources to work on higher order, complex problems which have additional value to the customer.

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