Nocturne Real-Time Monitoring

Monitoring and reporting are what build the crucial foundation that manages your converged voice and data environment. The Prism Assist real-time monitoring and fault management solution provides constant real-time operational status of your voice and data infrastructure. NOCturne real-time fault management is a unique approach to monitoring and offers a proactive response to system issues. As an integral component of your Prism Assist Maintenance or Avaya Maintenance plan, NOCturne serves as a stand-alone proactive monitoring service or a complement to Avaya’s device-based EXPERT Systems.

NOCturne continuously polls supported devices to provide Arrow Systems Integration engineers a complete real-time view of your communication network’s status. Relying on a device’s ability to send timely alerts and provide complete information is risky business. In the event of a device or system failure, Arrow Systems Integration is immediately notified and a ticket is created. NOCturne proactive monitoring ensures the health of your communications environment and all of its individual components.

NOCturne Portal

NOCturne enables you to capture and store historical trend data through an optional secure web portal. Team up with Arrow Systems Integration engineers and review historical data to identify developing patterns and trends that affect your supported communication devices. Decision making related to system performance, quality of service, asset management, and capacity planning for budgeting will become more proactive and accurate. Your data is available in flexible views that can be modified within the NOCturne portal according to component, length of time and graphical view. For further analysis, download your data from the portal using industry-standard statistical analysis tools.

What is NOCturne?

  • A proactive remote monitoring service designed to ensure the availability and health of your converged communications network.
  • A stand-alone or complement to other monitoring systems like Avaya’s EXPERT Systems.
  • Tier I and Tier II Fault Management Service.
  • VOIP quality monitoring solution delivered as a service.
  • A real-time view of your network and telephony solutions
  • A portal view of historical trend data to help you make critical business decisions.
  • An alert system that immediately notifies Arrow Systems Integration with complete information so that appropriate corrective action is taken.

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