Testing, Delivery and Quality

To ensure successful results in Testing, Delivery and Quality, Arrow Systems Integration utilizes Project Management Institute methodologies, coupled with Arrow Systems Integration and Avaya best practices based on years of implementation experience.

Testing and quality assurance starts when the system hardware components are staged at the Arrow Systems Integration lab, and continues on-site during the implementation of the system. During staging, the following tasks are performed, and corrective action is taken as necessary before the system is shipped to the customer:

  • Equipment inventory, checked against the order
  • Diagnostic testing, any discovered defective equipment is replaced and re-tested
  • Firmware is updated
  • The need for any patches is determined, and loaded if needed
  • IP addresses loaded
  • SNT (System, Network, Trunking) translations loaded (including ARS)
  • Station translations loaded, as project plan requires
  • RFA license file is loaded for each processor
  • Verification that remote connectivity is enabled, and functioning
  • Lock down certain ports that will be connected to the customer LAN
  • Establish the Arrow Systems Integration Login, in case the root login is not functioning

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    • Posted by - John Judy On May, 1 11:12AM
    We have a few Prologix that needed to be upgraded from V8 toV10 and or have the IMADS turned on. Thanks


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