WFO Solutions for an Integrated Contact Center

Systems integration is not just part of our name—it's part of our mission to best serve our customers. Because of this, we have partnered with one of the top customer engagement software companies out there: Calabrio.

Your Contact Center is where you make or break your customer relationships. It is your opportunity for true engagement and conversation to take place. This is where Calabrio steps in. Built on an intuitive, web-based architecture, Calabrio serves as a single integration solution for call recording, analytics, workforce management, and quality assurance in the Contact Center. Calabrio and its software suite, Calabrio ONE® position your Contact Center as the true heart of customer insight.

What is Calabrio ONE?

Calabrio ONE® is a unified workforce optimization (WFO) software suite. It includes call recording, quality management, workforce management and analytics solutions - empowering everyone in an organization, from contact center agents to the CEO, with easy-to-use tools that provide a better understanding of the customer. Every customer interaction yields insights that expand customer-consciousness, which is how leading companies now drive growth and long-term corporate prosperity.

Why are people using Calabrio ONE for their Contact Center?

Calabrio ONE is quickly becoming an industry leader for customer engagement center workforce optimization. Some reasons include:

  • It's easy to use:
    Its intuitive web-based architecture helps accelerate the Contact Center with seamless access to customer data.

  • Full integration:
    Each component of the software suite is available standalone, even though almost half of Calabrio customers utilize the integrated suite. Integration is worth more than 20% in total savings throughout your investment and results in a lower total cost of ownership.

  • Make smarter choices:
    The Analytics component of Calabrio ONE empowers nearly everyone in your organization, from the agent to the CEO. The Analytics tools help you get the insight you need into your customers' experiences and utilize those insights to create more customer-conscious activities in the future. Read Calabrio Contact Center expert, Mark Egge's guest Insight blog for some more details about how Analytics can have a huge impace on your business! 

  • Trusted Industry Leader:
    Calabrio is a "Visionary" vendor in Gartner's Magic Quadrant (for the last 3 years!) and was more recently named a "Leader" in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Customer Engagement Center Workforce Optimization.

Workforce Optimization with Calabrio One Resources

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