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Contact Center is the area of a business that often handles large volumes of contacts into a company or an organization. These contacts are often inbound automatically distributed calls (ACD) but can be many other forms of business contacts as well. When someone hears Contact Centers, the exact interpretation is often based on individual experience or exposure to businesses that traditionally handle customer service often by telephone calls. Whether it is a financial customer service center, a distribution center’s order entry department, catalog sales, telesales, central operations, help desk or any other phone center there are many images that the term Contact Center brings to mind.

Contact Center is currently the most commonly used term to describe a variety of Call Centers, Contact Centers and even Context Centers throughout the world and these centers vary greatly by size, technology and vision. All Contact Centers are important because quite often the Contact Center is the representation and public perception of your business. It is often the primary connection to the outside world and in many businesses it is the only direct customer access point.

Call Center refers to the traditional “call center” typically high volume inbound telephone calls, the routing of these calls, the Agents that handle these calls, and their measurement of call handling statistics. There will continue to be many traditional “Call Centers” across the world. Although telephone calls are no longer the preferred contact method for many businesses and individuals, it is still the method often preferred by the population and necessary in certain business transactions so “Call Centers” will continue to be a popular choice for many organizations far into the future.

Contact Center typically refers to a “Call Center” that does more than just inbound ACD calls. Contact Centers come in a variety of shapes and sizes but typically incorporate additional technologies, perhaps some computer telephony integration and more methods of “contacts” than just handling inbound ACD calls. Contact Centers may include high volume of outbound calls, perhaps automated email, scanned documents, texting, web chats, social media options and more. Over the years the instances of “Contact Centers” over “Call Centers” has increased where the title “Contact Center” is much more commonly used even when referring to a “Call Center” as defined above. An increasingly greater number of centers would likely be classified as Contact Centers where options to reach the business departments have evolved beyond just inbound calls and may include other channels or methods to contact the business.

With new technologies and methods of communication evolving, which are often due to the demographic and global industry changes, another identified level of Contact Center referred to as Context Center has surfaced. Although “Context Center” is a less familiar term it offers a valuable description of more sophisticated centers that are able to utilize the customer information, business systems and enhanced technology to provide an understanding of “who is contacting the business”, “how often have they contacted us”, “why are they likely contacting us”, “what product or service can we likely provide” and many more valuable questions. A Context Center advances the value of a “contact” by placing it into true “context” and provides efficient and exemplary service to the consumer and furthers the value of the customer relationship to the organization.

Arrow Systems Integration excels with Contact Center support expertise. Our strength is our experienced personnel that have, evaluated, consulted, designed, implemented and enhanced hundreds of Contact Centers across the United States. We have certified experts trained in the most successful communication technologies and approach each opportunity by listening and offering valuable directive and advice to ensure appropriate solutions are provided by Contact Center Professionals with reputations for powerful teaming with your organization to provide solutions that exceed your expectations. Whether you are already operating a Contact Center or you are planning to start a new center we have the expertise to enable your vision. We will work with you and assist in bringing efficiencies to the way that you interact with your end customers. Our support and service are provided by Arrow Systems Integration people that your staff will appreciate and you will desire to enhance and continue the partnership.

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