Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

One of the most powerful advanced applications that a Contact Center can deploy is what has been commonly known as an Interactive Voice Response “IVR” or a Voice Response Unit (VRU). However the technology needs have increased and the capabilities have expanded so that the terms IVR or VRU are now a bit dated. The idea of “Self Service” is more accepted as a way of grouping the vast capabilities of this technology. However, even “Self Service” doesn’t completely describe the powerful capabilities that can enhance your Contact Center routing, contact tracking and the many applications that can be developed to address high volumes of inbound and outbound automated contacts for your center. The ability to provide a telephony interface that allows customers to access real-time data continues to be important. However, the merging of voice and backend systems has now become the springboard for future applications that continue to change the ways that a company can provide customers options for both incoming and outgoing access to information. For this reason you will hear other related terms such as contact portals that automate interactions.

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