Patient Connect


What is
Patient Connect?

Patient Connect is a self-service solution designed expressly for healthcare providers and payers to improve staff productivity, accelerate care delivery, and increase patient satisfaction. Patient Connect will free acute care nurses from the interruption and time consumption of returning multiple phone calls to the patient’s family and friends.

How it works

Using Patient Connect is intuitive. It is truly as simple as making a phone call.

  • The patient is assigned a unique Recording Information Number (RIN) and Personal Identification Number (PIN) to ensure private message retrieval
  • On a regular basis (e.g., shift change), nursing may use any telephone and simply record a secure update on the patient's care
  • The RIN/PIN is given to the patient's authorized contact who may distribute the RIN/PIN to others at his/her discretion
  • Patient family and friends in possession of the RIN/PIN call a designated telephone number, provide the RIN and PIN, and listen to the most current update

Adding Value To Patient Care

Return on investment (roi) calculator

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Enter the nurse-to-patient ratio
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1 Nurse to 4 Patients as 1/4

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Number of incoming calls received PER DAY
(24 hours)


Recommend 3 minutes of time required to return call. Includes phone number look-up, dialing, and conversation/message.


If running 12 hours shifts then recommend 2 updates PER DAY.
If running 8 hour shifts then recommend 3 updates PER DAY.


Estimated Annual Benefits and Savings Detail

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For more information on Patient Connect, please contact your local Arrow Systems Integration Account Executive or call us at 855-732-7769.

Arrow Systems Integration's Connect Advanced Communication Services simplifies information access through the efficiency of self-service and intuitive ease of use. Requiring only the simplest of communication devices, the common telephone, healthcare professionals can easily create, distribute, and share information amongst themselves and their patients.