Avaya Data Networking

Avaya Data Networks deliver up to 50% better TCO than the market leader. In addition, they deliver up to 7x better resiliency, up to 40% better energy efficiency, and up to 20x better performance.

Key Avaya Differentiators

Network architectures built over time are complex and cannot easily accommodate the adoption of cloud computing or data center virtualization. Avaya provides a new, simplified design with Virtualized Enterprise Network Architecture (VENA) that is based on shortest path bridging (versus TRILL) and open standards (versus proprietary design). This allows for optimal flexibility, fast provisioning of applications (within hours/days versus weeks/months), and provides end users with more rapid access to business applications. VENA can accommodate any vendor switch, router, WLAN, or application, making early adoption possible.

Quick Facts

  • First to break the terabit barrier for stackables
  • Ubiquitous 10 gigabit Ethernet capacity
  • Up to 20 times better performance
  • 100 million voice lines and data ports shipped

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