Creating a Fit for Purpose Network Architecture

Today’s enterprise network needs to be a highly focused resource capable of providing a mobile and diverse workforce with efficient, effective access to the tools and applications that drive productivity. Because traditional, general purpose network architectures were not designed to cost-effectively address this new world of Unified Communications, new network strategies are needed. Avaya is meeting the challenge with Fit for Purpose infrastruc¬ture capabilities that combine performance on the most demanding real-time applications with compelling economics.

The Future of Fit for Purpose Networks

The era of real-time communications and collaboration is a game-changer in the world of enterprise network architecture. The lessons from existing networks—such as the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, with its 20-fold increase in bandwidth requirements (Avaya was the Official Converged Network Equipment Supplier for the Games)—clearly show that the change is not simply incremental. The demands of resiliency, efficiency and scalability require a paradigm shift in network design. The need to carefully scrutinize data networking purchases to maximize ROI and limit TCO will only increase with the growing UC demand. Enterprises that are looking to cost-effectively leverage the latest innovations to drive ongoing productivity and competitive differentiation need to take account of the new environment.

In short, the time is now for networks that are truly Fit for Purpose.

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