The Fit For Purpose Enterprise Network

A Fit for Purpose solution is one that identifies the most critical performance requirements and delivers the best possible solution to meet those requirements.

In today’s environment, a Fit for Purpose network infrastructure is one that is designed to address the specific individual needs of today’s distributed, collaborative workforce, meeting the challenge of delivering real-time access to communications tools, information and applications.

A Fit for Purpose network infrastructure vs. a traditional general purpose infrastructure is like the difference between a line of performance racing cars and a line of sporty, economical sub-compacts designed for everyday consumers. Both, for example, have an engine, wheels, brakes and a steering mechanism. Both are designed with aerodynamic efficiency in mind. However, the racing car is designed above all to achieve speed. Everything about it, not just the performance of the engine but the ease with which faulty components can be swapped out or refueling take place, is purpose built to save precious seconds in a competitive environment. The sporty subcompact, on the other hand, is designed to optimize its appeal to a market segment—speed is just one factor (and, given speed limits, not a major one.) A wide range of vendor-driven and market-driven factors influence the design of the sporty compact, not the least of which is to repurpose other off-the-shelf components from the manufacturer’s product line.

In the case of today’s enterprise networks, most vendors, in effect, take the sporty compact approach: they start out with a set of basic building blocks and meet specific market needs (e.g., real time communications) by layering on more architectures and protocols. What results are solutions that sacrifice simplicity and flexibility and, ultimately, TCO.

In contrast, Avaya has identified what it sees as the most critical performance requirements for today’s networks—resiliency, efficiency and scalability—and made solving those specific challenges the driving force behind its portfolio of Fit for Purpose enterprise network solutions.

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