Comprehensive UC Solution for Midsize Companies

Midsized companies have many of the same goals as larger enterprises, but with
the added challenge of having few resources to get to the finish line. An Avaya IP Office solution is at the heart of creating an effective collaboration environment for your business. Flexible options help you create personalized and seamless UC engagement experiences for your employees and customers alike.

Being a part of today’s extremely mobile business landscape is no easy feat. You are tasked with finding a consistent communications solution for your employees, partners and customers. Finding an environment that is flexible enough to allow people to collaborate how they want, when they want, and where they want is essential in maintaining team and customer engagement.

Avaya’s IP Office Platform is at the heart of finding an effective and complete collaboration and communication solution. The IP Office Platform extends Avaya’s trusted innovation to midsize companies. In doing so, it’s created a personalized engagement experience for voice, video and mobility. This platform makes it easier to connect, share, communicate and increase productivity amongst customers and colleagues alike.

As Avaya IP Office easily scales up to 2,500 users across 150 locations, your solution can continue to grow as your business does. At Arrow, we’re always thinking Five Years Out, so this Avaya solution follows that ideology and helps you keep moving forward and looking ahead to future successes.

Avaya IP Office for Collaboration Resources

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Avaya Engagement Solutions for Small and Midsize Companies
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