Find simplicity and enable mobility with Avaya conferencing solutions

At Arrow Systems Integration, we know that every organization’s needs are different. Some businesses have employees all over the globe who need to join conferences from different devices. Other organizations need a secure method for connecting conference rooms in different locations. Some want on-premise hosting, while others are looking for a cloud-based system. No matter what your enterprise requires, Arrow SI can help you build the Avaya conferencing solution that best serves your organization.

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Avaya Aura

Leverage customization and flexibility for your enterprise

The Avaya Aura platform is the ideal unified communications and collaborations system for enterprises ranging from fewer than 500 to more than 500,000 users. It’s flexible, modular and offers modern communications integration—allowing you to employ the right capabilities in the right place, such as voice, video and instant messaging. With Avaya Aura—adding on new capabilities is easy and allows you to leverage your existing investment in the platform. The system’s advanced APIs allow Arrow SI and your developers to create a one-of-a-kind platform to help your organization use communications to stand apart from the competition.

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Avaya Aura Conferencing

Optimize remote conferencing and team productivity

With audio and web conferencing capabilities for up to 250 attendees, and event conferencing capabilities for up to 2,000, Avaya Aura Conferencing lets you keep everyone dialed in. The system is designed to operate from on-premise servers, helping you avoid cloud-based subscription fees and saving your users from eating up too much bandwidth. With a visual roster, screen and file sharing capabilities, recording and playback features, and the ability to easily identify and mute lines that may be introducing distractions, Avaya Aura Conferencing allows your team to keep every meeting on track and every team member on the same page.

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Avaya Scopia

Access remote conference rooms quickly and securely

With Avaya Scopia, you can bring multiple conference rooms together with a single click, while remote users can dial in from their PC, Mac or mobile device. Avaya Scopia gives you access to cloud-based virtual meeting rooms with HD video, audio collecting capabilities—all with end-to-end encryption to keep collaborations secure. The system offers advanced video compression for bandwidth efficiency and error resiliency. So no matter how great the distance between your organization’s locations, the ability to collaborate will always be right at your fingertips.

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