Build the platform that fits your enterprise best.

Whether you’re in healthcare, higher education, government, retail, manufacturing or pretty much any other industry, we understand and have tackled the problems your company is facing. As one of Avaya’s largest and most experienced business partners, we know their product lines inside and out. And, most importantly, we recognize what matters to users. We know that a thorough business analysis is the best tool for forming product recommendations. Combining technology acquisition with a business’s vision is key to realizing return on investment.

Our dedicated professional services team is responsible for deploying every system and ensuring it’s performing the way it should. With Arrow SI as your partner, you know you’re getting the best the industry has to offer and the most out of your organization’s investment.

Ask Our Experts

Avaya IP Office

Creating simple solutions for small to mid-size organizations

Avaya IP Office is a good fit for small to mid-size organizations that require anywhere from 20 to 2,500 endpoints. Avaya IP Office offers a level of simplicity that makes it feel like an out-of-the-box platform, while offering capabilities traditionally found in more advanced systems.

Avaya Aura

Offering customization and flexibility to mid-size and large enterprises

Avaya Aura is the ideal system for enterprises ranging from fewer than 500 to more than 500,000 users. It’s flexible, modular and offers modern communications integration—allowing you to employ the right capabilities in the right place, such as voice, video and instant messaging. With Avaya Aura, adding new capabilities is easy—maximizing your existing investment in the platform. The system’s advanced programming interfaces allow Arrow SI and your developers to create a one-of-a-kind solution to help your organization use communications to stand apart from your competitors. And with intuitive, centralized administration, the Avaya Aura System Manager makes total system administration easy.