Advisory Services

Transform your unified communications from a cost-based utility to a value-based asset.

Arrow SI’s advisory services help organizations transform their communication infrastructure from a cost-based utility to a value-based asset. Within the context of the enterprise, we help you leverage key communication services, both internal and external, for the purposes of maximizing revenue opportunities and operational efficiency. Our advisory services enable pragmatic consideration of the use of voice, data and video to drive your business requirements ━ supported by an architecture reflective of your needs now and long-term.

Recognizing no two company’s needs are identical, we tailor our advisory activities to meet each client’s requirements. Key areas we consider to assure the best guidance and support include CaaS Workshop, enterprise roadmap planning, contact center advisory services, adoption services HealthChecks.

Which CaaS architecture and services are right for you?

Communications as a Service (CaaS) is readily available through modern cloud-enabled technology. On prem solutions are rapidly giving way to multi-tenant communication systems. Unified communication and contact center functions that once required dedicated facilities can now be obtained as CaaS from private hosted and public cloud suppliers. But which cloud delivery model is right for your organization? Is there a difference between cloud/hosted/hybrid capabilities, costs, and functionality? And what are the benefits and risks of each?

Arrow SI’s Advisory Services can arm you with the information needed to determine if and which CaaS is best for you. The CaaS Workshop delivers the means to quickly develop criteria upon which you can evaluate, plan, and deliver the CaaS that best meets your enterprise financial and functional needs.

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CaaS Workshop

Develop a roadmap to cost-effectively achieve organization goals and meet user needs.

Working with executive management, we focus our enterprise planning on the key communication services that best support your enterprise business objectives and strategy. We create a roadmap to guide the communication infrastructure’s evolution in support of the administrative, operational, and business environments that will rely on them. Key components of the roadmap often address a number of areas, including business objectives, infrastructure discovery, trends and evolution briefing, communications planning, and creating a business case that provides a clear understanding of the financial, business, and strategic impact for the enterprise.

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Enterprise Roadmap Planning

Ensure effective interactions between Contact Center agents and customers.

Understanding the core drivers for most companies are driven by quality, cost containment, and competitiveness, we invest the necessary time to understand the key business objectives your Contact Center is supporting, and subsequently devise a customized approach to meet your needs. This engagement includes a quick scan on initiatives and challenges, technology gap analysis, departmental workflow and business requirement assessment, and a software components evaluation.

The basis for our contact center advisory services recommendations includes requirements and contingencies, a platform roadmap supporting current and future infrastructure needs, and a business case summary including cost comparison, business impact, and strategic value. validating ROI for services and capabilities.

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Contact Center Advisory Services

Increase understanding and end-user engagement.

Adoption services enable end users to avidly engage in the communication tools that are part of their UC and contact center systems – providing consistent, ongoing exposure to learning reinforcement for the features and functions that are important to their roles within the organization. Designed to improve productivity and reduce help desk calls, Arrow SI’s Adoption Services improve end-user knowledge and maximize your communications investment.

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Adoption Services

Confirm your communications platform supports your business success.

HealthCheck provides customers with a comprehensive assessment of their existing communications environment – including a detailed view of configuration, licensing, and real-time operational data that reflects true performance and resource needs for their existing system.

Typical assessments rely on a single snapshot of the environment, but Arrow SI’s HealthCheck collects performance and utilization information in real-time over an extended period, typically two weeks. This utilization-over-time view reconciles configuration data with activity data to provide a highly accurate account of asset utilization and identify excess capacity, resource constraints, redundancies, and other inefficiencies.

Note: HealthCheck is applicable only to telecommunications systems.

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