Design and Integration Services

Relevant design and ease of integration to bridge the old with the new, and expand and grow.

Connecting the “how” of technology and the “why” of business is the critical step of any successful design and integration solution. Arrow SI makes that connection through a combination of Logical Architecture and Technical Design, and a Advanced Integration Methodology (AIM) for implementing IT solutions.


We provide detailed design services and solutions for various areas of technology, including:

  • Data Center
  • Voice
  • UC and Collaboration
  • Video
  • Contact Center
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Cloud
  • Security
  • Application Development
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

The Logical Architecture Design (LAD)

The Logical Architecture Design (LAD) is driven by business requirements and technical needs. It builds a bridge from the current state to the future desired state; allows for flexibility to adjust with changing business needs; modularity for best-of-breed components and phasing; and includes cost justification, real measurable value and predictable results.

Technical Design

The detailed Technical Design is created for each phase of the Logical Architecture Design, including technology manufacturer and product specifications, precise hardware, software and support elements, and a plan as to what is and what is not to be integrated within each phase of the implementation.

Design Services


Leveraging our Advanced Integration Methodology (AIM) for implementing IT solutions, we utilize a collaborative and proven strategy to deliver custom systems integration and ensure your success. At Arrow SI, we have a professional services team of in-house experts whoutilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure your integration runs smoothly, including project managers, engineers, software specialists, staging specialists, application specialists, technicians, and systems integration architects. This deep knowledge and experience allows for a smooth transformation from one state to another, anticipating potential issues in advance and streamlining communications between various technology providers.


Get it right from the beginning. Avoid exhausting internal resources and leverage your solution’s full capabilities.


Assign a project manager and start the project review process. Then we assign resources, create a project plan, and host core design meetings with engineers, software specialists and application specialists.


Order hardware, software and licensing. We stage everything, including loading, updating, patching, licensing servers and application, and then load the database from the backup. Next, we ship the equipment to the customer, rack, stack and connect it, followed by testing connectivity, survivability, and functionality.


Train end-users, perform cutover and testing, provide first day-of-business support, perform knowledge transfer and final documentation. Last we finalize registrations with the manufacturer.

Integration Services