Data Center & Security

Reduce costs, mitigate risk and evolve your business with integrated solutions.

Data centers and security go hand in hand. You can’t plan one without the other. At Arrow SI, we have strategic partnerships with the most respected OEMs, allowing us to offer fast, reliable servers and virtualization products for data centers; and security solutions to mitigate risk and vulnerability using the best security technologies on the market.

Implement efficient data center servers with virtualization and integrated solutions.

As the internet and your intranet have grown, the number of servers, network devices and energy required to keep business applications up and running has become cumbersome and costly — and largely unnecessary. We offer a building block infrastructure strategy with servers, virtualization, and webscale/hyper-converged products that can drastically reduce the hardware footprint your business depends on — and the constant maintenance it requires. Virtualization makes disaster recovery easier, optimizes business continuity, and can even extend the life of your business-critical applications — resulting in short- and long-term benefits for your organization.

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Data Center

Protect your data and customers with security and vulnerability management.

Security breaches aren’t just detrimental to your business data — they’re detrimental to your brand. As networks have gotten bigger, the requirements to protect them have become more complicated. We can help you manage security and vulnerability on every level — systems, storage operations, network connectivity and endpoints — in order to mitigate risks of hacks and data loss.

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