Internet of Things

Bring to life your world of IoT with a powerful offering of sensors, cloud applications, and workflow management tools.

The Internet of Things (IoT) goes beyond traditional networking of physical devices. How? By utilizing an increasingly diverse array of embedded sensor and processing technology for the purpose of controlling, monitoring, and managing physical equipment.

Creating and deploying IoT solutions requires expertise across a broad span of technologies. It also requires expertise in real time service monitoring & management, and full life-cycle management. Organizations typically have strengths in some of these areas, but not all. The gap in bridging these technologies results in a longer time for solutions to go to market.

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From Sensor to Sunset™ represents Arrow’s comprehensive portfolio of technology and connected solutions. Real world data from IoT sensors help with decision-making around productivity and business processes, while reducing costs and waste. Explore how Arrow SI can help you create, connect, control, manage and monitor your Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

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